Terms and Conditions


FREE SHIPPING We pay First Class, Priority Mail or Parcel Post on all orders being shipped inside the US including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Priority Mail should take 2-3 days to the west coast. International orders are limited to Canada & South Korea and need shipping charges added. Sometimes Global Express Mail (EMS) is the only choice because of value/insurance restraints. We have no control over the delivery time. We can only control our order-to-ship time.

CONTACT - Time for phone conversations is very limited. If you receive a recording, it's because we are away from the phone or too busy at that time. Messages and e-mails are answered as soon as possible. Vacations are usually 3 or 4 days long.

PRIVACY - we do not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose any information we may have or know about you. This policy is in effect if you are or are not a customer (past, present or future).

GUARANTEE - we offer a money-back-guarantee on everything we sell. There is one exception - Books - because they can be read and/or photocopied and returned.

CREDIT CARD DATA - we use a secure server for our shopping cart transactions. No one has access to this information except me. If you'd rather, you may FAX your credit card information or send a check.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - we pride ourselves on our customer service. We do not have phone menus, minimum wage order takers, customer service reps with no authority or any other miserable excuses for customer service. I am the authority. If you have any problems contact me. BACKORDERS - we try to keep inventory on everything we sell. As long as you are not ordering a large amount of any one product, there's a good chance your order will go out in the next day or two unless there are extenuating circumstances. e-mails - we sporadically send out newsletters to our clients announcing a special sale, product introduction or other news. If you do not want to receive any special e-mails, reply with a "remove" message.

TESTIMONIALS - if you are kind enough to send us a positive comment about our product(s), customer service or anything else, we may post it on our testimonials page. We do not post names or addresses.

The Story of Solutions Unlimited

In 1988 I decided to utilize my seven years of College Education in Chemistry and twelve years experience in Product Development, Regulatory, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations to start a venture called Solutions Unlimited. I became aware of how I was treated as a consumer and how the companies I worked for and purchased from, treated their customers. Rule Number One - treat each customer exactly the same as I want to be treated. I had experiences with second rate goods, third rate goods and just plain garbage sold to me in exchange for my hard earned money. Rule Number Two - offer only top quality products and guarantee their performance. Many companies made it difficult to order or get a refund. They backordered or delayed shipments without warning. Rule Number Three - keep enough inventory and make purchases and refunds simple. Companies charged shipping and handling, some even went as far as adding an "insurance" charge. Some made the customer pay the shipping for a return, sometimes both ways. Rule Number Four - never charge for handling or insurance (normal domestic delivery). Never add shipping (normal domestic delivery). Many companies offer unique products and assumed it gives them a license to "rob" the customer by charging crazy prices. Every time you went back to re-order, the prices had gone up. Rule Number Five - always charge a fair price for the best available product. Our January 2000 increase on FLUSH-IT® was the first in over seven years.