Blue Dragon Velvet Antler

Blue Dragon Velvet Antler Plus
Deer Velvet Antler Bulk Powder
IGF-1 Growth Factor Complex, Oral Spray

Blue Dragon Velvet Antler is available exclusively from Vitality Solutions. The importation of New Zealand Velvet Antler requires much more regulation than Velvet Antler produced in the US. FDA, USDA, and Fish & Wildlife require permits and inspections of every shipment entering the US. This is addition to the New Zealand regulations of farming and processing of Velvet Antler. Government and Veterinary inspections and documentation are required. Good Manufacturing Procedures are followed throughout the processing and packaging procedures. Each lot is analyzed for IGF-1 content and microbial contamination.

US production and processing of Velvet Antler can be sketchy. Antlers are purchased at auction, not knowing the conditions and health of the animals or the quality of the antler. Packaging is supposed to be performed under Good Manufacturing Procedures, but government inspections are infrequent. In fact, there are some producers that harvest their own antler and use a hand operated filler to fill capsules. They slap a label on the bottle and they are in business.

Our own standardized Velvet Antler, produced and packaged in New Zealand, using our specifications We offer the finest pure, natural Velvet Antler products available at the best possible price. Our Blue Dragon Velvet Antler Extract is standardized at 2500 nanograms of IGF-1 per gram.

Velvet Antler Source:-
Blue Dragon Brand Velvet Antler products are sourced from Deer, farmed under strict conditions in New Zealand. New Zealand Antler Velvet is widely accepted as being the best in the world and is keenly sort after by Asian interests, particularly the South Koreans and increasingly by China.

Animals are farmed under natural open pasture conditions in that they are not housed or kept in pens. They are not subjected to any growth promotants or drugs other than those necessary to safeguard their health against such conditions as lung and intestinal worms and parasites.

Deer regrow Velvet Antler each year in the spring and that process takes on average 3 months. It is a natural process which takes place after the animal sheds its previous seasons hard Antlers, or ''buttons'' in the case of animals harvested for Velvet.

At approx 60 days growth, and before the new Velvet starts to calcify from the bottom up to carry the weight of antler growth as it develops, the antler is removed for processing.

Antler Removal:
At the appropriate stage the animal is shedded and then sedated or held in a squeeze crush and then tourniquets are applied to the base of each horn and then the animal is injected with nerve block for pain elimination. The antler is then removed and then inverted to stop blood and serum loss. It is then placed flat at a 35 degree angle and allowed to cool before being blast frozen and placed in bags to await processing or sale.  The animal is given a tranquillizer reversing drug and then the tourniquets are released and as soon as it is steady on its feet again is let out to pasture and monitored for 24 hrs for any after effects.  Removal is tightly controlled by Govt Vet Regulations and by Deer Industry NZ and only licensed Veterinarians or qualified removal specialists can do the work and it has to be done in conditions ( shed/ holding facility) that meet approved standards also.

Frozen Antler can be kept for long periods in that stage for storage and to enable transport for sale or processing.  Processing is done by 2 methods - Air drying and Freeze drying.  Blue Dragon velvet is all freeze dried to preserve, to the best advantage, the active Growth Factors in the Antler. It is then stripped of is outer furry covering from which it gets its name and ground to whatever degree of fineness required. Once ground it can the be used as powder, encapsulated with other herbs, and/or turned into extract.

It is important to note that all Blue Dragon Velvet products are made from "Whole Stick"  Velvet Antler which includes both the "tips" and the "tops".


Blue Dragon Velvet Antler Plus Each capsule contains 450 mg of pure New Zealand Velvet Antler and 50 mg of pure New Zealand Velvet Antler Extract supplying 350 ng of IGF-1.

We suggest 1 to 3 capsules daily for therapeutic applications.


Serving Size: 5 Sprays twice a day.
Servings per container: 60ng(30 Days) active per spray: 8-10ng approx.
Antler Velvet Extract standardized in liquid form to 2500ng IGF-1 per gram.
Daily value at recommended dosage (10sprays): approx 90ng.

Bulk Powder:

Serving Suggestion: Take 1 quarter to 1/2 level standard teaspoon twice daily with fruit juice, 1 hour before or after food, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
CONTENTS: 8 oz. Pure Deer Velvet Antler Powder processed from premum “wholestick” freeze dried Velvet Antler.

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