My knees were wrecked from a backpacking trip gone awry- for almost 8 months, I had pain that required naproxen daily. I had trouble walking our dogs around the neighborhood, let alone hiking. After 6 weeks of the recommended dosage of Blue Dragon Green Lipped Mussel Xtra, my knees are mostly pain free, I seldom need NSAIDs, and I've begun hiking again. Thanks for a great product! Ted L PHX, AZ Ted Lawrence
Your Blue Dragon Green Lipped Mussel is the best! Both my husband and I are on it and we really are seeing results. My elbow pain is virtually gone and Bob's knees are much better. We are enjoying some short walks now when in the past Bob never wanted to get out and walk around. Great service, great people, and love the free shipping! Karen Clemons
I had so many problems with Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs and the side effects. I was hoping for some relief from the Green Lipped Mussel and much to my surprise I got A LOT of relief. This relief has come without any side effects and I love being off the NASIDs. Vitality Solutions sent me a great presentation of Perna that really helped me understand how it all works. Thanks guys, I am spreading the word in our neighborhood! PS, Goshen Indiana
My 13 year old cat had major hip issues and was not able to jump or move well. After 10 days my cat is wrestling around! He usually just smacks our other cat down and won't play but he is playing now! I am so happy Jay!!! I had to write you because now after a month he just jumped on the couch!!! Dawn
When my puppy was born, we were told she had severe arthritis and would need at least 2 knee surgeries. My vet mentioned success with St. Francis green lipped mussels and suggested we try them. One year later, at my dog's annual check up, new x-rays were taken. The results were outstanding; you could see a visible build up of cartilage now stabilizing her knees! We've been using these capsules for 4 years and my dog no longer limps at all. Thank you so much for my healthy, happy girl! Katherine Baker